Measure for a Tuxedo Video

Please view our how to measure for a tuxedo video above. Measuring for a tuxedo is easy when you know how. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

More Helpful Measurement Tips

Coat Measurement

size chest

Men's Jacket Length Scale

5' 8 and under
5' 8 to 5' 11
5' 11 to 6' 3
6' 3 to 6' 8
Extra Long

Tuxedo coat sizes run the same as a suit coat size. If you know your jacket size great! Otherwise, there are two different ways to measure your chest to obtain your jacket size. Both require the assistance of another person. For Jacket length,use guide at the bottom of this page.
1. Raise your arms out to the side. Place tape measure around your back and across the fullest part of your chest, just below the armpits,pull the tape measure just right(not to loose or tight) Add 2 inches. This is your jacket size.

2. Keep your arms at your side and place the measuring tape around your back on top of your shoulder blades, and across the fullest part of your chest, over your arms. Subtract 6 inches. This is your jacket size. This method is preferable for gentlemen with an athletic build.

Pants Measurement

size waist

Tuxedo pants run similar to suit pants. However, most tuxedos have adjustable waist bands that adjust up to three inches on each side. Please keep this is mind when you receive your tuxedo pants.

Waist: To measure place the measuring tape around your natural waist just below the navel. This is your waist size. Some gentlemen have large hips and/or thighs compared to their waist measurement. It may be necessary for these men to order a larger waist size to avoid tightness around waist and seat. Outseam: Stand with your legs together. Take the measuring tape and measure from right below your navel to the top of the heel of your shoe.

Shirt Measurement

size neck


Tuxedo shirts run the same as suit shirts. If you know your shirt size great! Otherwise, this is how you measure your neck and sleeve. Neck: Place the tape measure around your neck, just below the Adam's apple, where your collar would typically button. Measure loosely enough for comfort. This is generally a number between 14.5 and 20.5


size sleeve
Sleeve: Place the tape measure at the base of your neck on your back. Extend the tape over the broadest part of your shoulder and down the length of your arm to approximately 1/2 inch below the wrist bone. If necessary, round up to the nearest inch. This is generally a number between 31 and 37.