Tuxedo Etiquette

Questions and Answers about Tuxedo Etiquette for the New Millennium

Q: If the invitation says White Tie, what kind of Tuxedo should I wear?
A: Don't worry about it, unless you are royalty, you will never see an invitation that says White Tie. The proper attire is a Black Tailcoat with a White Pique Vest and Bow Tie. A conductor in an orchestra may be seen wearing this outfit, it is the most formal attire possible.

Q: If the invitation says Black Tie, what should I wear?
A:Etiquette here calls for a Tuxedo and Tuxedo accessories, such as vest or cummerbund,with matching or coordinating tie.

Q: When do I wear a Dinner Jacket?
A: In warm weather months to a black tie event,here Etiquette calls for black pants and coordinating accessories.

Q: What if I want to wear a Black Tuxedo to a function during warm weather months?
A: Not a problem, you may wear a Black Tuxedo.

Q: Should I wear a long neck tie or bow tie?
A: Proper Etiquette calls for either.

Q: Can I wear a long tie and a cummerbund?
A: No, because the tie will dangle without a vest to be tucked in to.

Q: Can I wear a vest with a bow tie?
A: Yes,no problem.

Q: If the invitation says Black Tie Invited, what is proper Tuxedo Etiquette?
A: This is a nice way of the host(s) saying,"We would like you to wear a tuxedo, but we don't want to force you into it". Let your conscience be your guide. Bare in mind, when you are invited to a black tie function, the host(s) usually has planned a high end affair and wants you to dress accordingly.

Q: If the invitation says Black Tie Optional, what should I wear?
A: Similar to Black Tie Invited, Actually Black Tie Invited was created to replace Black Tie Optional, It means what it says, your option.

Q: If the invitation says Creative Black Tie, what should I wear?
A: Any type of tuxedo you like, including pastel colors, such as light blue and yellow, for you Dumb and Dumber fans,an orange tuxedo has a nice touch, have fun, be creative. Tuxedo Etiquette in this situation says,anything goes.

Q: What is Morning or Daytime Formal Wear?
A: A Cutaway Jacket or Stroller with hickory striped trousers,pearl or dove gray vest,ascot or neck tie.Strict Tuxedo Etiquette calls for this attire in the daytime.

Q: When should I wear this outfit?
A: Before 6:00PM

Q: I have traveling members in my wedding party, how do I get their measurements to a Formal Wear Specialist near me?
A: Simple,have your out of town guys go to the nearest tuxedo shop and ask for complimentary measurements.

Q: Will they give me a hard time since I'm not using their services?
A: No, Tuxedo Specialists understand your situation and will be happy to help because other specialists do the same for them.

Q: Who should wear a tuxedo at our wedding besides the bridal party?
A: Fathers, Grand Fathers, and if you're lucky enough to have them,Great Grand Fathers.

Q: Why?
A: A wedding is one of the happiest occasions you can ever have as a family. A tuxedo lets everyone know that the elder members of the family are a part of this special day and that none of this could have happened without them. Honor them with the appropriate outfit and get some great family pictures.